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iBoo enables University Press titles to be available quickly and easily all around the globe both print and electronic. Association of American University Press describes University Press that it may be easier to describe a university press by saying what it's not. 

University presses are publishers. At the most basic level that means they perform the same tasks as any other publisher. University presses acquire, develop, design, produce, market and sell books and journals, just like Random House or Condé Nast. But while commercial publishers focus on making money by publishing for popular audiences, the university press's mission is to publish work of scholarly, intellectual, or creative merit, often for a small audience of specialists or a regional community of interest.

We print, distribute and sell university press titles with its brand and logo that means you titles are all around the globe with University press name. 


Are you an academic person, look for a publisher to publish your work that could be a book, journal, thesis conference note and etc.  İBoo Press is right address to contact. We increase the impact value of your publication and value of the author by making title available all around the globe in selected stores like like Amazom, Barnes&Noble, Rakuten, Blacwells, Fishpond, Angus Roberson, Kinikoniya and so on (over 40.000 networks in 200 countries. 

If you’re interested to publish with iBoo, just send an email at we’ll do the remain.  



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Kerpic'19 Volume I and Volume II, collected articles from various authors, are available both print and electronic on selected bookstores over 200 countries. You can read and download the kerpic'19 books for free from the link provided end of this page. If you would like to get these volumes in print, simply go to online book store and search "kerpic19" as keyword. Enjoy reading.

kerpic2018 (eBook)

Proceedings for the 6. International Conference kerpic’18 Back to Earthen Architecture: Industrialized, injected, rammed, stabilized 1. Solving the huge demand for housing with earthen architecture 2. Social, cultural, touristic reuses of earthen architectural heritage 3. Commercial development on earthen architecture 4. Changes in traditional heritage value of society 5. Advanced construction techniques with earth 6. Standards and guidelines for earthen houses 7. Advances in researches