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Welcome to the iBoo Press Classic Books Catalog. We’re delighted to offer a digital edition of our classic books catalog. Browse the list, share links and access our website for more information.

Classics have continued to delight generations of youngsters since they were rst published. Classic books have the ability to suck us in, take us on ad- ventures, and in uence the way we think. We live in a crazy fantasy world, when we read them, and chang- ing and shaping our lives forever. We learn and get perspectives from them.

“Classics allows you access to the inner lives of its characters. You see them not only in their work en- vironment, and in decision-making moments, but in their larger life,” McLennan explains in a video pro- duced by Stanford GBS

That doesn’t mean a classic book is not good if we didn’t read it when we were a high school student or the teacher didn’t advise it or not give us as a reading project. We’ve learned a lot and still learning from them.

We’ve searched the best classic books from various sources and collected the best 50 of them that are the classics you should read them in your life.

We designed interior without making any changes in contents and made a cool and attractive cover for each books. The language of books are simple, clear and understandable. In addition, you can access the audio books of each title for free at http://www.iboo. com/en/audio-books

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