Actual Archaelogy: URARTIANS

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We start a new year by welcoming an important guest: the Urar­tians, the mining craftsmen of Anatolia.


About 3000 years ago, the Near East was under the control of the Assyrian Empire, who was the most powerful group in the region with its trade routes, harbors and all of its area of exploitation. The Urartian Kingdom, who settled around the Lake Van basin, was the only political organization to rival the Assyrian Empire and played an important role in the socio-cultural and socio-political development of the region. They managed to adapt a well-equipped central state system and developed a perfect bureaucratic state system for unset­tled societies. They were also the creator of a homogenous cultural structure varying from architecture to handicrafts.


One of the most problematic fields in archaeological research is the Urartians, because of the meaning of the political identities and spheres which are being attributed to the region. Thus, we aimed to evaluate the Urartians rather objectively.


And... What else is in this issue?


The Duluk Baba Tepesi, Doliche, known for the sanctuary of the storm god Iuppiter Dolichenus, whose cult spread all over the Ro­man Empire, offered a wide range of important results. According to the recent excavations, it covers the time span from the early place of worship of the Iron Age and the sacred site of the Roman era, famous throughout the empire, to the long phase of utilization as a Christian monastery. Also, large parts of the well-preserved monastery of St. Salomon were uncovered.


In this issue, I don’t want to fail to thank the most important sup­porter of the magazine.


On behalf of whole team of Actual Archaeology Magazine - Ana­tolia, I would like to thank the management, especially Ahu Has, and the team of the Rezan Has Museum for their help and partnership in publishing this important magazine abroad. We appreciate all for their effort to present the multicolored history of Anatolia to the world to­gether with us. We hope you can visit the exhibitions of Rezan Has Museum soon, particularly to see Urartian history up close. It’s worth seeing the collection of the Urartians in the Rezan Has Museum. They are gorgeous!


Happy 2014 to you, dear reader! I hope your new year is filled with joyful research, abundant reading and learning, and is a magi­cal new year. We look forward to sharing more multicultural mosaics from Anatolia with you in the New Yea



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